Jan Desmarets was born in Ypres, Belgium on January 21, 1961, as son of Raymond Edmond Desmarets and Paula Anna Cornelia Bryon. He grew up in Wervik, where his father was a teacher. He studied from 1979 to 1983 at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent, Belgium. From what he created during that time, one can observe that in his quest for his own unique visual language he started looking for his representation of a human or animal form - which to some degree seemed to convey suggestive mobility.

Jan Desmarets became reknowned for his public sculptures, such as the monumental prancing horses weighing an impressive 3 tons - Paardenkracht (2000); permanently installed at the Leopold Square in Hasselt, Belgium.  'T Ros Beiaard (1995), standing 3.5 meters tall, was permanently installed at the roundabout close to Brussels Street in Dendermonde, Belgium.

Jan Desmarets lives and works in Zomergem, Belgium

Public Collections

1992 Realisation bronze sculpture 'Springende Hond' , Charleroi, (BE)


1995 Realisation bronze sculpture 'Ros Beiaard', Dendermonde - 1995 Realisation bronze sculpture 'Mensentoren', Maaseik, (BE)


1997 Realisation bronze sculpture 'Hart(t)lopers' in the front garden of the new Oost-Vlaamse bloedtransfusiecentrum Gent, (BE)


1998 Realisation bronze sculpture 'De Paardenhandelaar', Neunhaus (D)


1999 Realisation bronze sculpture for the horse market in Kaprijke, (BE)


2000 Realisation bronze sculpture 'Paardenkracht' Hasselt, (BE)


2000 Realisation bronze sculpture 'Steigerend Ros', Susteren, (NL)


2000 Realisation bronze trophy 'Memorial Van Damme' (BE)


2003 The Belgian Goverment grants a sculpture from J.D. to Prins Laurent and Prinsess Claire


2003 Realisation bronze sculpture for Lance Armstrong


2003 Realisation bronze sculpture for 'Iron Man' Luc Van Lierde


2003 Realisation bronze sculpture 'Mensentoren', De Pinte, (BE)


2003 Realisation bronze sculpture 'Waregem Koerse', Waregem, (BE)


1985 Galerie Beulenhof, Kluisbergen, (BE)

1986 Galerie Pieter Breughel, Amsterdam Venlo, (NL)

1987 Galerie Evasion, Waremme, (BE)   
         Galerie Beukenhof, Kluisbergen, (BE)
         Hostellerie de la lesse, Resteigne, (BE)

1988 Evasion, Liège, (BE)

1989 Galerie Depypere, Kuurne, (BE)
         Galerie d'Orsay, Paris, France
         Galerie Cloots, Brussel, (BE)
         Galerie Contrast, Brussel, (BE)
         Eternalia (Galerie Contrast), Charleroi, (BE)
         Lineart (Galerie Depypere), Gent, (BE)

1990 Galerie Depypere, Kuurne, (BE)  
         Galerie Pieter Breughel, Amsterdam, (NL)
         Galerie Contrast, Brussel, (BE)
         Galerie Beciani, Charleroi, (BE)
         Lineart (Galerie Depypere), Gent, (BE)
         Galerie Contrast, Lille, France

1991 Galerie Ludwig Lefevere, Wortegem Petegem, (BE)
        Galerie Pieter Breughel, Amsterdam, (NL)
        Leon Keuninckx, Verviers, (BE)
        Galerie XXIe siècle, Granville, France
        Zoute Art Gallery, Knokke, (BE)
        Galerie Louiza, Mechelen, (BE)
        Galerie Pieter Breughel, Venlo, (NL)
        Hof van Bourgondië Kultureel Komitee, Hamme, (BE)

1992 Galerie Beciani, Charleroi, (BE)
         Lineart (Galerie Depypere), Gent, (BE)
         n.v. Cirkant, P & M. Hermans, Hoegaarden, (BE)

1993 Hamagedon, Bellegem, Kortrijk, (BE)
         Tilbury's Art Gallery, Sint-Truiden, (BE)
         Made in Belgium Moderne Kunst, Halletoren Brugge, (BE)
         Lineart, Gent, (BE)
         Greenhouse Gallery, Kluisbergen, (BE)

1994 Ooidonk '94, (BE)
         Zoute Art Gallery, Knokke, (BE)
         Faculty Club K.U.L., Leuven, (BE)
         Den Perouw, Maaseik, (BE)

1995 Sculptura '95, Kasteel van Ardooie
         Paulus Galerei, Antwerpen, (BE)
         Classic '95, Galerie Ludwig Lefevere, (BE)
         Lineart (Galerie Ludwig Lefevere), Gent, (BE)
         Galerie Chez moi Ton Schulten, Oostmarsum, (NL)
         Beelden in het witte dorp, Lissewege, (BE)

1996 Hof te Puttens, Lede, (BE)
         De Muelenaere & Lefevere Art Gallery Oostduinkerke, (BE)
         Lineart, Gent, (BE)

1997 De Latemse Galerij, Sint-Martens-Latem, (BE)
         Harmagedon, Bellegem Kortrijk, (BE)
         C.C. De Markthallen, Herk-de-Stad, (BE)
         Guy Pieters Gallery, Knokke-Zoute, (BE)
         Lineart Gent, (BE)
         Classics Kortrijk, (BE)
         Le Cadre Noir, Brussels, (BE)

1998 IIde Biënnale van de beeldhouwkunst van Schaarbeek, Dierenbeeldhouwkunst, (BE)
         Sculpturale '98, Genk, Oostende, (BE)
         Cum Laude, Mol, (BE)
         De pinte in beweging beeldenroute, Art Fair, (BE)
         Art Fair, Maastricht, (NL)
         Lineart, Gent, (BE)
         Galerie Michaël Chiche, Paris, France
         De Latemse Galerij, Sint-Martens-Latem, (BE)

1999 Kunsthandel Frans Jacobs, Amsterdam, (NL)
         Lineart, Gent, (BE)
         Taipei Art Fair, Taiwan
         Galerie Fischerplatz, Ulm, (D)
         Buschlen Mowatt Fine Arts LTS, Vancouver Canada
         Classics Kortrijk, (BE)
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         Galerie Chez Moi Ton Schulten, Oostmarsum, (NL)
         De Latemse Galerij, Sint-Martens-Latem, (BE)
         Het Cleyne Huys, Den Haag (NL)

2000 Galerie Dessers, Hasselt, (BE)
          Art Miami, (USA)
          Guy Pieters Gallery, Knokke, (BE)
          Art Palm Beach, (USA)
          Art London, (U.K.)
          De Latemse Galerij, Sint-Martens-Latem, (BE)
          De Muelenaere & Lefevere Art Gallery, Oostduinkerke, (BE)
          Openluchttentoonstelling Zeedijk Sint-Idesbald met De Muelenaere & Lefevere, (BE)
          'Kunst Verankerd' Oostduinkerke Dorp, (BE)
           Papageno Art Gallery, Destelbergen in het kader van gARTen, (BE)
           Het Cleyne Huys, Den Haag, (NL)

2001 Kunstgalerij Venus van Milo Hoboken, (BE)
         Guy Pieters Gallery, Knokke, (BE)

2002 Art in the park, Beerzel, (BE)

2003 Galerie Dessers, Hasselt, (BE)
          Gallery Bell' Arte, Maastricht, (BE)
          Greenhouse Gallery, Kluisbergen, (BE)
          Galleri GKM, Malmö, Sweden
          Gallerihuset, Kobenhavn, Denmark
          St' Art, Parc des expositions, Strasbourg, France
          Château Neercane en Château St. Gerlach, Maastricht, (NL)

2004 Faculty Club, Universiteit Leuven, (BE)
          De Latemse Galerij, Sint-Martens-Latem, (BE)
          Galerie Vendue House, Dickhout, (NL)

2011 De Landtsheer Art Gallery, Brussels, (BE)

2012 De Landtsheer Art Gallery, Brussels, (BE)
2013 De Landtsheer Art Gallery, Brussels, (BE)




Sometimes an artist comes along that is simply more.  A sculptor that is a paragon of force, dominating matter and bending it to reflect a global picture. They throw their rhythm into what they knead and model. Jan Desmarets of Belgium is one such artist.
— Hugo Brutin