With over 20 years experience in design consultation and installation, De Landtsheer Gallery is proud to represent The Blauwe Poedel collection of chandeliers in the United States. 


The unique chandeliers from The Blauwe Poedel are the collaborative efforts of couple Walter and Brigitte Duportail and their son Kevin De Landtsheer of Ghent, Belgium. This dynamic trio combined their artistic talents of metal sculpting and glass casting to create the unique chandeliers that are internationally valued today. Manipulating metal and glass - the Duportail family create art that seems to take it's cue from nature. Delicate glass tulips cap the organically shaped metal stems that twist and whorl - casting the impression that they were grown instead of made. Each piece is hand-crafted and can be custom designed for any space, guaranteeing a one-of-a kind piece of art. Beautiful as they are functional, they lend a unique ambiance to any home or business - from the grandest of entrance halls to the coziest of kitchens. Impress your friends, family, guests and clients with a handmade European Chandelier inspired by the Art Nouveau and Art Deco architecture that surround the studio's of Blauwe Poedel Designs in Belgium's medieval city of Ghent.